Appartment Building - Central Switzerland

New construction projects in popular residential areas

Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more difficult to find properties with a reasonable return in Switzerland. New buildings currently offer relatively low income, but low maintenance and ancillary costs. The MFH offered at a price of 3.6 million CHF brings a gross return of 3.6%. With an equity share of CHF 1.2 million, however, a return on equity of 6.3% can be achieved.

Detached Houses - Mallorca

Conversion projects in popular locations with sea view

We buy old villas in attractive locations in order to renovate and convert them. After completion, the houses will meet the holiday home standards desired today and, in addition to an exclusive expansion, always offer sea view and quiet locations in the southwest of the island. As an investor, you can participate in properties and benefit accordingly from the sales profit. The return can vary depending on the duration of the project and is 7-15%.

Appartement Building - Mallorca

New construction projects in popular residential areas

Due to the continuing shortage of rental apartments, the Spanish state grants an 40% discount on the rental income from residential rents, so the income is only taxable at 15% (for non-resident investors)! In general, the return in Palma is 5 – 6% and is therefore also above average.

We are currently planning various investment properties with an investment volume of € 4 – 20 million. We offer these objects to you as a general contractor. That means, you buy at a fixed price and we manage the entire process, including the placement of the necessary additional service providers such as lawyers, tax advisors, administration and maintenance companies. The equity ratio required for this is 50% of the investment amount.